Personal Financial Services

No matter what your situation, your financial matters should always be handled with the utmost care. When you work with the team at Holsinger P.C., you get that specialized care, as well as the know-how to handle anything that may come up. Our professionals work with high-net-worth individuals and families to manage their accounts, trusts, holdings, and more.

Clients throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area and beyond, have already discovered how simple we make keeping your personal finances organized and compliant. Our team of professionals are happy to work with family portfolios of every shape and size. We serve domestic and international individuals with complicated tax and estate plans, complex business structures, various portfolios and equity managers, and extensive personal financial statements. Our value comes from the organization and strict compliance that our team delivers.

Peace of Mind for Individuals & Families

It is important that you have a complete picture of your business and personal finances and that this knowledge does not reside with only one family member. For more than 40 years, our team of professionals have worked with high-net-worth individuals to ensure that they have accurate reporting and detailed information about their accounts, trusts, and investments. This information resides with us, backed up and protected in our secure cloud environment, so that it cannot be destroyed, lost, or stolen. In addition, this provides families peace of mind in the event of an untimely passing or disability.  Holsinger is able to keep the family finances moving, answer questions, provide documents, and assist the family in transitioning responsibilities.

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Handling Day-to-Day Finances

In addition to organizing reporting for your personal finance, we can also help with the general tasks that you need to complete to ensure your financial health. Whether your net worth exceeds $20 million or you are on the path to significant wealth, our lifestyle management services are a great way to ensure all necessary payments are made and tracked. Our professionals will act on your behalf to ensure that your financial life is organized, on time, up-to-date, and accessible.

Our Lifestyle Management Services

  • Managing Cash on a Day-to-Day Basis
  • Paying, Tracking, & Organizing Bills
  • Reconciling & Maintaining Accounts
  • Tracking Investments
  • Communicating with Banks, Financial Institution, Financial Advisory Groups, Vendors, & More
  • Accumulating Tax Information
  • Submitting Tax Information to Trusted Advisors
  • Maintaining Estate Plans and Compliance


Team reviewing financial reports

Incorporating Technology

To make finances a little easier, we provide every customer with access to our exceptional online platform. This software ensures that your reporting is simplified, organized, and easy to download. Access to information about your holdings and cash flow is always at your fingertips.