Tax Services for Businesses & Individuals

Depending on your situation, taxes may be very complicated and overwhelming, but that does not have to cause you stress. For clients in the Pittsburgh, PA area, Holsinger P.C. works hard to understand your professional and personal objectives and we build our tax services around what you want to accomplish. Armed with our extensive knowledge and experience, we create a tailored tax plan that minimizes all forms of taxation, ensuring that you see the best possible results.

Business Tax Compliance

Tax laws are ever-changing, so it is crucial to keep planning and compliance at the forefront of your business strategy. As a part of every meaningful transaction, it is critical to ensure tax compliance, accuracy and efficiency in the structure, timing, and parties involved.  Our tax professionals will help you navigate the tax code to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for every transaction and take advantage of all available planning opportunities.  Whether you have a locally operated company or a global organization, we have the knowledge and experience to help you plan, strategize, and file.

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Ensuring International Tax Compliance

The tax code is already complicated for businesses that operate on a local or national level. For international companies, you have additional steps that need to be contemplated when planning for taxes. However, if this is done correctly, global operations can offer greater opportunities for tax savings. We work diligently to monitor the tax code and how your business operates. By remaining aware and up to date, we can ensure that your tax-saving strategies are effective and properly comply with all international filings and regulations.

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Tax Compliance for Not-for-Profit Organizations

As a not-for-profit organization, you enjoy tax-exempt status. However, there are still many rules and regulations to be considered, and it is critical to always remain compliant. At Holsinger P.C., we work with organizations, such as yours, to ensure your team follows proper regulations and makes all of the appropriate filings.  Working together on tax compliance, allows your organization to continue focusing on its valuable service to the community at large.

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Your Personal Tax Compliance

Our streamlined, customized corporate tax process is also available for your personal tax needs. When we work on your personal taxes, we strive to create a strategy that takes into account all the facts of your circumstances and portfolio. Our CPAs will act as a skilled guide to ensure that you can navigate the appropriate channels, mitigating your current and future tax obligations. With our team working on your filing, you can rest assured that you are paying the lowest amount while remaining compliant.

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Estate Taxation & Planning

No one really wants to think about what will happen to their property and resources after they pass, but it is very important to secure your wealth for future generations. This can be a rather complex process, and our professionals will help you with every step of the planning. We work with high-net-worth individuals to build strategic plans that are based on your needs and intentions. We will develop a comprehensive tax strategy that will benefit you and your family.

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Cost Segregation Studies

To ensure that you are deducting the correct amount for building depreciation every year, we recommend a cost segregation study.  Through this process, we take a close look at your personal property and the depreciation rates of the components.  By dividing the property into individual pieces, it ensures a more accurate calculation of when deductions are appropriate.  This service is well suited for both businesses and individuals.

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Representing You When Needed

When questioned by one of the tax authorities, having someone in your corner can reduce frustrations, minimize complications, and save you time. Our professionals are well-versed in working with federal, state, and local authorities, and we are happy to offer representation. Whether you are facing notices, audits, or general inquiries, we will work with you to ensure a cost-effective resolution.

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Our General Consulting Services

In addition to our tax planning offerings, you can turn to our CPAs for sound guidance for a variety of tax-related situations.  Our general consulting services are personalized to ensure that your needs and questions are addressed in an efficient and effective manner.  Whether you have general questions or very specific inquiries, we are equipped to offer answers and solutions.