RC Holsinger Associates, P.C. Shortens Name to Holsinger.

RC Holsinger Associates, P.C. – one of the area’s largest accounting firms – today announced that effective May 19, 2014 the company will simply be known as Holsinger. The company explains that the change reflects the firm’s evolution from a traditional tax and accounting organization started in 1983 to a more dynamic financial services and business consultancy model that has accelerated the company’s growth in recent years.

In making the announcement, the president of Holsinger, John Holt, said that the new brand is a big change for the firm, but more importantly it signals even bigger changes for their clients. “In addition to delivering the accounting and financial services clients rely on to maximize profits and improve earnings, we are expanding our services even further to keep pace with client needs. What is not going to change is our commitment to service. It is how we have built our reputation over the past 30 years and how we will maintain that reputation for the next 30 years,” Holt added.

Holsinger has been ranked among the largest area accounting firms* for the past several years. The firm offers accounting and tax services, valuation and business acquisition services, as well as personal financial services for high-wealth individuals. The company is also announcing its boutique services, called IQ Suite™.
IQ Suite is a collection of specialty services including Cloud applications and virtual Controller and CFO packages, among other market-driven offerings.

Holsinger vice president and partner, Bill Collier, was quick to point out that the days of just filling in the boxes are gone. “We are driven to add more value for our clients. In addition to the 30-plus years of intellectual capital we bring to our clients, we also strive to be an innovative solutions provider. IQ Suite is a big part of that. As far as the company name goes, we are an energetic group. It just feels right to simply call ourselves what our clients already call us, Holsinger,” concluded Collier.

Holsinger made today’s announcement at its Pittsburgh and Honolulu offices. The company has launched a new website at www.thinkHolsinger.com and has developed a brand-building marketing campaign to get its new name and messaging out to the markets it serves.

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