May 30, 2023

Music to Our Ears

The Strand Theater's Holsinger Story



Our area has so much to offer and one of its valuable community assets is The Strand Theater in Zelienople, PA. Holsinger, P.C. has the privilege of working with The Strand Theater and its Executive Director, Ron Carter, as a client.

Ron recently shared about his experience working with Holsinger, P.C. 


Holsinger, P.C.: How did you come about first working with us?


Ron: It dates back to when the non-profit was first founded in 2001 and started when The Strand Theater Initiative's original Treasurer was an independent CPA that then joined Holsinger, P.C. For a time, we had no official Treasurer. Our Secretary at the time assumed the title of Secretary/Treasurer, but most of our finances were being handled by Holsinger, and it was because of Holsinger's diligent work and support of The Strand that we were able to keep the books straight.

Over the years we have had a couple of Holsinger representatives. All of them were great friends of The Strand. I've had interactions with Marcy Marshall dating back to 2010, but she got much more involved with our account in 2013 and eventually handled our account exclusively.

I can't say enough great things about Marcy. She has been the most dedicated, patient and thorough representative that I have worked with. It's clear that, not only is she a confident and capable Accountant, she genuinely cares about The Strand charity. She routinely goes above and beyond to provide services and support well past what would be considered the regular scope of work.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work alongside Marcy to keep The Strand's finances in line as well as providing integral services like filing and renewing charitable statuses, helping with State and Federal Taxes and Unemployment Compensation, and many more services in our time with Holsinger, P.C.


Holsinger, P.C.: What changes have you seen over your years of working with us?


Ron: As an independent non-profit, The Strand's finances have always been challenging. Since reopening the theater in July of 2009, we've always made just enough money to keep the doors open and fulfill our charitable mission of providing cultural growth, educational opportunity and community outreach using the arts as a catalyst.

While The Strand has never been 'rolling in the dough', it has been rewarding in many other ways. The Strand now draws patrons from 17 PA Counties and 17 states! We just added Utah when a patron drove from there to see “The Celtic Tenors” at The Strand. We've successfully fulfilled our mission by delivering over 10,000 patrons per year onto Zelienople's Main Street, contributing over $500,000 to Zelienople's economy annually.

We've conducted educational programs like school field trips, and youth-in-arts initiatives like our summer musical theater camps and The StrandTastics youth show choir. The Strand has been used by many, many community groups over the years and been a destination for town hall meetings, free concerts, even a wedding!

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of Marcy, her predecessors, and Holsinger as company.


Holsinger, P.C.: How has your relationship with us evolved over the years?


Ron: As The Strand's finances became more complex, Holsinger has been there to meet those challenges: from something as seemingly simple as our checkbook, to handling payroll needs as we've added staff and booked the numerous performers that have graced The Strand stage. Through all of it, Holsinger has been understanding how cash strapped we can be, and how each month is a juggle to get it all done.


Holsinger, P.C.: What keeps you continuing to work with us?


Ron: Marcy, along with her colleagues, have been more than kind to The Strand, and to me personally. Thanks to Holsinger, Marcy, and the auditing team, I haven’t had to concern myself with finances and keeping the books straight. I have been able to focus on my vision of a state-of-the-art cultural center that serves the North Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. With their unyielding support, it has never even occurred to me to look elsewhere for accounting services.


Holsinger, P.C.: Any additional comments you would like to include?


Ron: Just that I can't thank enough, each and every Holsinger employee that has worked with The Strand Theater Initiative since we started our professional relationship. Each one has worked hard and only with the best interests of The Strand in mind. It's been a true blessing to have worked along Holsinger, and hope that it continues well into the future.


Thanks, Ron, for sharing yours and The Strand’s experience working with us! We really enjoy partnering with our clients for success, because “your goals are our goals”! We too look forward to working with you for years to come and seeing where The Strand takes our community. Contact us today if you have questions on Holsinger, P.C. services to support your organizational goals.

Article written by Holsinger, P.C.

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