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Intuit held it’s first Apps Showcase, “Innovative apps that work with QuickBooks for direct marketing, financial planning, online bill pay, and profitability analysis.”  Read the following article and find out who the top winners are; many you can even try for FREE!


 Developers Win $100,000 at Intuit Apps Showcase, Bringing Innovative New Solutions to Intuit App Center

“3, 2, 1, Showcase That App!” the audience shouted as each finalist took the stage at the first Intuit Apps Showcase on August 11. Each developer had five minutes to explain the benefits they bring to QuickBooks customers and impress the judges and audience with a demo of their app. Intuit hosted the event to inspire developers to create innovative web and mobile apps that build on the power of QuickBooks and help small businesses do more with their data.
30 finalists were chosen to compete in San Francisco. The finalists ranged from established brands to start-ups, with 12 of the apps making their public debut at the event.
Excitement and tension was high with $100,000 in cash prizes at stake. ProAdvisors and QuickBooks customers rated the apps, watching both on-site and via the live webcast. The judges included investors from high-profile venture capital firms, and they asked hard questions about business and marketing strategy. The four winners took home $25,000 each.
And the winners are…

Corelytics Financial Dashboard won the grand prize for designing an easy-to-use app that addresses a tricky but critical business challenge – managing business performance. Using QuickBooks data, Corelytics allows small business owners to monitor key indicators, set goals, visualize trends and forecasts, and compare performance to their industry peers starting with an easy-to-use dashboard.
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Bill.com impressed the judges with their approach to a time-consuming business task – managing bills, invoicing and cash flow. For QuickBooks Online customers, this paperless online financial platform streamlines and automates these processes enabling businesses to focus on what really matters.
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Postcard Services won for their clever, attractive marketing and fresh approach to direct mail campaigns. The service uses QuickBooks data to target just the right customers with professionally-designed, print-to-order postcards for products, services, news, and events; ROI tools enable the user to understand whether the campaigns are working and how to further grow profit.
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Profitably was selected for their design of a planning tool that brings a spreadsheet-like experience to the web. This app helps you plan for the customers you want, measure how you’re performing against your plan, and then execute to stay on track.
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