Manager, Tax Services


Primary Responsibilities

Manager, Tax Services will be required to supervise tax return preparation from a budget (time and cost), due date and client interaction perspective.  This position should rarely prepare tax returns, rather, should generally be the main point of contact for clients and control, but delegate the process of collecting/receiving client information, tax preparation, tracking tax preparation progress (including accumulation and communication of questions to clients) and ensuring timely completion.  This position is also responsible for helping subordinate staff to develop technically and professionally through supervision and review.

Other position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage the completion of returns prepared by subordinate staff. This position is also responsible for the correct determination of taxable income for all returns/provisions reviewed.
  • This position is expected to sign certain returns.
  • Manage new clients and projects as available.
  • Identify tax planning/strategy opportunities for clients.
  • Maintain client rapport and relationships with current and prospective clients.
  • Complete tax research assignments when necessary or review findings for projects completed by subordinate positions.
  • Complete/review other miscellaneous assignments (preparation component should be delegated where possible).
  • Review returns prepared by subordinates and train said co-workers through the review process.
  • Manage departmental utilization and efficiency and voluntarily perform other assigned firm management responsibilities.


  • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (or related business program).
  • Preferred qualifications include CPA, Enrolled Agent Certification or advancing educational degree(s), and a few years of experience in roles in the tax staffing structure including having responsibilities at a Tax Senior level.
  • Demonstrates technical proficiency in the Internal Revenue Code, state regulations and other pertinent technical guidance.
  • Demonstrates the ability to manage assigned projects and direct staff workflows considering budgeted time and cost of completion.
  • Demonstrates self-management and is detail oriented.
  • Proficient with computers and in the use of software and spreadsheet programs.
  • Ability to teach and coach other members of the tax staff.
  • Ability to learn independently and as a part of a team.
  • Ability to maintain excellent interpersonal communication skills to build strong internal colleague and external client relationships.
  • Develops and maintains excellent client rapport and relationships.
  • Develops a professional network to enhance current and new client marketing opportunities.
  • Identifies opportunities to cross-sell other firm services to existing clients successfully.

Work hours are flexible and, within reason, can be tailored around one’s personal schedule.  Overall expectation is that this position will work 40 hours, weekly, during the offseason, unless pursuant to an alternative arrangement, a reduced commitment is mutually agreed and understood.  During busy season, this position is expected to recognize that their time commitment will likely increase.  Based on necessity, this position should be available to work more than 40 hours, weekly, barring unusual and/or infrequent circumstances precluding their ability to do so.