November 18, 2022

Holsinger, P.C. Merges with Listwak, Finke, & Associates

Like-Minded Firms Join Together to Bring More to Their Clients

We are proud to announce that effective November 16, 2022, Listwak, Finke & Associates ("LFA") has merged with Holsinger, P.C. (“Holsinger”). Looking to grow and provide more for their clients, each firm’s set of shareholders found the other to be the right fit with regard to internal values and culture. As a result, the merge will provide a clear focus on striving to exceed their clients’ expectations of value and service.

Listwak & Associates was established in 1989 when Tom Listwak purchased the firm and dedicated himself to continuing the tradition of quality, timely professional tax and accounting services. Don Finke, Jr. joined the firm in 2008 as the firm continued to grow.

“As we talked further with the Holsinger team, we quickly realized that both of our firms are looking towards a growing future that is focused on our clients. With strategic visions so aligned, it made sense for us to combine our resources.”, said Tom Listwak, Shareholder of LFA.

Holsinger was founded in 1983. Through re-brandings and mergers, the firm has continued to grow, most recently expanding services with its sister company, Strategic Advisors, an investment banking firm.

“We are very happy to be bringing our two firms together to continue offering all of our client’s services with integrity and professionalism. The combined years of knowledge and expertise will help us further provide strong client partnerships, helping to achieve their goals.” said Tom Krahe, Managing Partner of Holsinger.

LFA’s shareholders, Tom Listwak and Don Finke, Jr., will be Principals at Holsinger. LFA’s current staff will continue to personally serve clients in the same capacity as before, while being able to provide expanded services through its new Holsinger team. Some of the expanded services include: cost segregation studies, business valuation services, research and development tax credit analysis, estate planning, family office, M&A transactional support, and forensic services.

Significant strides have already been put into place to integrate the operations of the two firms. The LFA team has joined its new Holsinger team at the Holsinger office located in Wexford on 117 VIP Drive, Suite 220. Operationally, LFA phones will be forwarded to Holsinger’s main phone number of 724-934-4880 and LFA e-mails will be forwarded to respective new e-mail addresses at Holsinger. Additional correspondence has been sent to current LFA clients, so they have updated contact information at Holsinger.  If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact our team at 724-934-4880 or at our webpage "contact us".

Article written by Holsinger, P.C.

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