May 11, 2022

Electronic Payment of Tax Due and Quarterly Estimates AND Electronic Filing of Local Tax Returns

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of “mailed” tax payments not being received, processed and/or recorded by the taxing agencies. Holsinger strongly encourages our clients to establish online accounts with the IRS, PA Department of Revenue and your local taxing agency. Once established, you will be able to make online payments of any annual tax due and quarterly estimated tax payments. Paying online ensures that the payment is received and correctly recorded to your account.

IRS – Sign up for an account ( Detailed instructions can be found on our website Not only can you make payments online, but you can view transcripts, see notices, verify payments made and more. You can also authorize a third party to help you with your federal tax matters. This gives your tax preparer instant access to your account rather than waiting several weeks for a POA form to be submitted online or via fax.

 PA – Sign up for a MYPATH account ( Detailed instructions are available using the following pdf. Like the IRS account, you can make payments, request statements of accounts, send messages to the Department of Review and view letters from PA DOR to name a few.

Please note that you do not have to set up accounts to make electronic payments to the IRS or to PA. Payments can be made to both without accounts. However, by creating an account, you can, as mentioned, go back and review payments that have been made along with all the other items mentioned previously. Therefore, we recommend creating an account.

If you do not live in PA, please visit your state’s website.  Most, if not all, states allow you to create an account and make online payments.

Local – Holsinger does NOT electronically file local returns. However, the option does exist for you to file your local return electronically, as opposed to printing the return and mailing it. As with federal and state payments, we also recommend that you pay local estimated tax payments and annual tax due payments online. Again, by establishing an account, you can easily track payments made each year.

Follow the instructions posted on the website of your local taxing agency to file your return electronically and/or make payments:

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your individual tax preparer.

Article written by Holsinger, P.C.

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