Corporate Accounting Services

In the business world, the best way to keep your competitive edge is to continually set and meet new goals. Serving clients in Pittsburgh, PA, and beyond, Holsinger P.C. understands the nature of raising the bar, and we work very hard to help you do that. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the know-how to help with a variety of taxation and bookkeeping services. Additionally, we have the industry experience to offer guidance and build business solutions for companies of every size. After all, your goals are our goals.

To ensure that you are getting the assistance that your company needs, we offer an ever-evolving range of services that are designed to fit the changing needs of your business. Our team of professionals is dedicated to staying up to date with all financial and tax requirements. This means that you are in the best place to meet all of your goals and take advantage of every opportunity.

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Depth of Expert Services


Business taxes can be incredibly complicated, and tax season can be daunting for any finance department. When it comes to navigating the tax code, our professionals will be your guide, ensuring accurate and timely filings.

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Management Consultation

No matter how big or small, all businesses can use a valued advisor for expert guidance in a number of areas. We offer a variety of management consultation services to provide fresh and innovative solutions.

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Business Solutions

The tasks associated with bookkeeping can be time consuming and put undue stress on you and your employees.  At Holsinger P.C., we offer a full range of business solutions to help you establish and maintain your bookkeeping process.

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Family Office Services

Everyone expects corporate finance to be overwhelming, but in some instances, personal finances can be just as complicated. In addition to offering corporate services, we have experience working with high-net-worth individuals that require advisory or bookkeeping assistance.

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Audit & Assurance Services

Financial reporting does not have to be a source of stress. With our professional CPAs in your corner, you will receive all the assurance services you need as your business grows and reporting needs change.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

For those considering merging their company with another, acquiring a new company, or any other corporate finance needs, our sister company Strategic Advisors is a valuable resource. Strategic Advisors is an industry-leading investment bank that offers M&A advice and planning.

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