Our Leadership Team

Our services and dedication to quality set us apart from the competition in the Pittsburgh, PA, area. However, our people are what distinguishes Holsinger P.C. from the competition. From upper management to entry-level team members, all of our people are dedicated to excellence and upholding our core values.

Holsinger Board Room

Our Unique Approach to Your Services

When you work with Holsinger P.C., you are working with someone that thinks like a collaborator who thrives on thinking “outside the box.”  We view your success as our success. We work with you to find solutions and strategize for the future of your company, helping you discover new ways to solve problems. We thrive on creativity and problem solving that benefits you and your organization.

Leadership Team

Our team of professionals is comprised of industry leading experts, who are also fantastic humans:

Our Core Values

When it comes to addressing your needs, we always keep four core values at the forefront of our mind: Dependability, Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Teamwork. We believe that all four of these values are necessary to serve our clients well.  By focusing on these core values, we will use our planning and collaborating expertise to gain a deep understanding of your company, thus allowing for maximum success.


We are dedicated to being there when you need us most. Whether it is in the middle of tax season or not, you will have someone in your corner.


We never just go through the motions, we care. We focus on your needs and customize our services accordingly, always paying close attention to details, while maintaining a professional relationship, making processes streamline, and pleasant for you and your team.


We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and that keeping an open mind, being creative, and challenging the status quo are all hallmarks of successful businesses.


Our team works together efficiently and effectively to provide you the lowest cost, best service possible. We also extend this mindset to our clients, where we collaborate to streamline services, solve problems, reduce risk, and ensure timely results.