About Our Company

For more than 40 years, Holsinger P.C. has been working with businesses throughout the Pittsburgh, PA, area to build a reputation based on integrity, service, expertise, and professionalism. We are a full-service accounting firm that assists business owners with:

  • Accounting & Assurance Services
  • Corporate, Individual, & International Taxes
  • Management Advisory
  • Specialized Accounting

Holsinger, and our Leadership Team, is much more than a traditional accounting firm. We strive to offer more services, better customization, and personal attention that gives peace of mind to every client. By going the extra mile for you and your organization, we are better able to serve you and help your business grow.

Bridge in Pennsylvania

Start-up to Divestiture

When you choose an accounting firm, you want personalized services that are tailored to you.  Holsinger P.C. is a truly full-service accounting firm with the ability to serve businesses from start-up to divestiture and beyond.  These services are provided by a tight, synergistic team and not various departments or silos that do not communicate with each other - all at reasonable prices.

We are differentiated from other accounting firms because of our sister company - Strategic Advisors - which is a lower middle market investment bank ($5M - $300M EV companies) that allows for transition and divestiture planning well in advance of a contemplated transaction. It also provides us intel and perspectives on the capital/debt markets, current valuation multiples, industry and private equity perspectives, and the strategic thinking of investment bankers.

A Commitment to Providing Expert Services

Our main goal is to serve every customer with integrity and to provide expertise and professionalism during every interaction. Our professional approach is centered around clear communication, technical know-how, and a professional attitude. Every member of our staff focuses on these basic principles to ensure the success of each client that we work with.