April 17, 2023

39 Years and Still Growing

39 Years and Still Growing with Holsinger PC, Paul and Marty Franklin’s Story


Do you find yourself asking “Where Does the Time Go?” more often these days?  When talking with Paul Franklin recently about his tax services, we were asking ourselves this!  One of our Tax Services Department Managers, Jessica Moslander, noticed Paul and his wife Marty have been working with Holsinger PC for 39 years!  Paul says, “I bet there aren’t too many people that can say they have been working with their accountant for that long!”

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It all started in 1984, when Marty Franklin met Rod Holsinger at a monthly breakfast meeting of store owners on Beverly Road in Mt Lebanon.  Her store, Piccolina, a ladies clothing store, was organized as a sub chapter S corporation. Rod Holsinger was asked to attend the morning meeting, since he was the accountant for many of the shops in the same plaza as Marty’s Piccolina.  He also shopped Piccolina on occasion, like birthday shopping for his wife. As the relationship continued, Rob became the accountant for Piccolina and grew to other services like personal taxes. “It all started so simply. He was always available, easy to talk to, and we became good friends,” says Paul.


As time passed, Holsinger PC grew and moved to Wexford and the Franklin’s lives grew to spending time in Naples, Florida. Consequently, the relationship never missed a beat and continued long distance. According to Paul, “Communication was key!”  Through the years, the Franklins worked with others on the Holsinger PC team, such as Laurie Williamson and now Lisa Koch. No matter who the Franklins worked with on the Holsinger PC team, Paul says “Everything was always handled so well. They were always available and helpful!  We feel so fortunate to have this ongoing wonderful relationship!”


Thank you, Paul, for sharing yours and Marty’s story of working with Holsinger PC for 39 years and COUNTING!  We look forward to working with you and all our clients!  In hearing your story, we saw how we really are meeting our objective of “Making our clients’ goals, our goals”  and look forward to more years of partnering with clients on their journeys.  Contact Us today to start your journey!

Article written by Holsinger, P.C.

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